In job fraud, 25 men from Tamil Nadu duped of Rs 2.6 crore, made to count trains at New Delhi railway station

A labor scam duped a group of 25 men from Tamil Nadu out of a combined sum of Rs 2.6 crore on the pretext of offering them jobs at the New Delhi railway station, police said. The victims were asked to count the number of trains passing through the railway station every day, the police added.

The accused lured the men to travel ticket examiners (TTE) and promised them jobs as railway employees and defrauded each candidate of lakhs of rupees. The issue is that an ex-serviceman from Tamil Nadu, M Subbusamy, initially took his neighbors and other locals to Delhi to help him get a job after he found them being cheated.

The police filed a First Information Report (FIR) in November under the Economic Offenses Wing in connection with Subbusamy’s complaint. He alleged that he met a man named Sivaraman in Hyderabad. Sivaraman said he was closely connected with MPs and ministers in Delhi and could help youth get jobs, he alleged.

The accused and his associates presented themselves as officers of Northern Railways and demanded a registration amount of Rs.33 lakh from each candidate. One of the victims, Satheesh, allegedly paid the money and was called to Delhi for a month-long training.

“He (Satheesh) Mr. Vikas Rana (another accused) received on-the-job training for a month which was a bogus exercise of counting the number of trains passing a platform in a fixed period of time and was then handed over. bogus/fabricated training completed certificate” says the FIR.

Another victim paid Rs 27 lakh to the accused and was called for training and certification. The complainant said word of the job and training opportunity spread in the area and nearly 25 men applied for the job. The complainant took the men to Delhi to meet the accused, directing them to give him money in exchange for certificates and job training.

To further cheat the victims, the accused also took them for fake medical examinations and document verification at Connaught Place.

“After verifying the documents, Mr. Vikas Rana and one Mr. Dubey, another associate of Mr. Vikas Rana, took all the candidates to Baroda House to issue study material and kit and also issued orders to join forged / manufactured for training,” says the FIR.

“Twelve of the candidates today…are undergoing so-called training, which is fake…I realized that we have fallen prey to the most notorious gang inventing job fraud and swindling innocent unemployed youths of their hard-earned money,” the complainant said. IN IZIE

The police said that the accused stopped receiving calls from the complainant and other victims. A case of fraud and forgery was registered.

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