‘India vulnerable; China, Pak together’: Rahul Gandhi says, ‘If war happens…’ | Latest News India

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in an interview with Army veterans said that China and Pakistan are together and are planning a “surprise” for India. If there is a war, it will be against both, Rahul Gandhi said while interacting with Army veterans a few days ago. The video was released by Rahul Gandhi’s YouTube channel on Sunday. Read | China is preparing for war, Foreign Minister should…: Rahul Gandhi on Tawang clash

“India’s border situation is linked to the international situation and the border situation is changing… We had two enemies, China and Pakistan, and our policy was to keep them separate,” Rahul Gandhi said, adding that this was behind the idea. foreign policy “When Rajiv Gandhi ji went there, he also tried to prevent these two (Pakistan and China) from coming together. Before, people used to say that there should be no two-front war. Then came the concept of a two-and-a-half-front war: China, Pakistan and terrorism,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“Now there is a single front because China and Pakistan are together not only militarily but also economically,” Rahul Gandhi said adding examples of Gwadar, the Belt and Road Initiative.

“China’s economic system is progressing very fast while our economic situation has been declining since 2014,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“There is confusion, fighting, confusion and hatred within our country. We still have a two front and a half war mindset. We don’t have a joint operational or cyber warfare mindset. India is very vulnerable today. Both China and Pakistan are preparing a surprise for us. That is why I repeat that the government cannot remain silent. The government must inform the entire country about what happened at the border. And we have to start taking action today anyway. We should have started five years ago,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“If we don’t take immediate action, the country will suffer. I am very worried about what is happening on the borders of Arunachal and Ladakh. And I think Galwan and Doklam are linked and part of a Chinese strategy sooner or later to hit us along with Pakistan,” he added. said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi’s statement comes amid a row over his previous ‘pitai’, where Chinese soldiers beat up Indian troops in Tawang on December 9. In the video, Rahul Gandhi was also seen expressing his respect and love for the Indian Army. “I not only have respect for you, I also have love and affection for you. You defend this nation. This nation would not exist without you,” Rahul Gandhi told the Army veterans.

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