Iranians continue their protests into the fourth month, despite stepped up repression

Iranian People’s Celebration of Iran Regime Football Team’s Expulsion from the World Cup. An act of defiance to the ploy of the Regime to unite everyone behind the “National” group and deviate from the goal of regime change by establishing all forms of dictatorship.

A young Iranian woman leads street protests against the regime. The Iranian regime’s misogynistic policies fueled street protests for the third month. Organized protests arise in every neighborhood

Iranian women have led street protests in every neighborhood. The regime’s security forces have proven to be ineffective in dealing with the widespread protests that have spread to various neighborhoods across many large and small cities. After 11 weeks, the protests show no sign of abating.

Kurdistan is leading the Iranian provinces in the fight against the regime. The regime has introduced heavy armor and live ammunition as well as combat weapons. The Kurds are erecting barricades to hold back the regime’s forces.

Many times the regime has lost control of entire neighborhoods or small towns as a result of Kurdish protests as part of the Iranian people’s democratic revolution against the Mullah regime. Kurdish protesters are holding out against the regimes

Day 96: Protests spread to 280 cities, over 750 dead, 601 identified by MEK, over 30,000 arrests. People gathered against the Iranian regime.

With Hijab, without Hijab, to the Revolution”

– Baloch women with Islamic hijab

WASHINGTON DC, USA, December 21, 2022 / — Iran protests in a nutshell:
• Days: 96
• Protests: 280 cities
• Deaths: Over 750 killed, 601 identified by MEK
• Arrests: 30,000+

In the fourth month of protests in Iran, the common theme of emphasizing regime change continued with the slogan “Death to the Dictator”, “Death to Khamenei”. Past dictators were also completely rejected by Iranians with chants of “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the leader (Khamenei)”.

On December 19, the 95th night of the uprising, youth and residents held nightly demonstrations and protests in various parts of Tehran. On Enghelab and Jamalzadeh streets, the demonstrators chanted “Poverty, corruption, high prices, we will march to overthrow”, “We do not want a ruler who kills children”, “Political prisoners must be released” and “For every person who has fallen, a thousand will rise”. The youth shot They collided with the agents they had.

In the Ekbatan district, demonstrators chanted “The answer is in the street, Seyyed Ali.” [Khamenei] it is divided.” “Death to the dictator” and “Death to Khamenei” were echoed in Chitgar Township and Kashani Street.

In the township of Naft, young people lit a fire in the middle of the street and shouted “Death to the dictator”, “The answer is in the street, Seyyed Ali”. [Khamenei] it is torn” and “With or without Hijab, forward to the revolution”. At the Enghelab metro station, protesters chanted “Poverty is high, Seyed Ali is busy executing.” A large state banner was set on fire on Sattar Street.

In Rasht, angry protesters were chanting “Death to Khamenei”. Karaj witnessed the night demonstrations. On a main street in Golshahr, Karaj, youths came to the street shouting “Khamenei, the murderer, we will beat you” and shouted the name of Majidreza Rahnavard, who was hanged last week. In Mashhad, people shouted “Death to the dictator” during the night demonstration.

Agents of the regime can no longer ignore what is happening across the nation and the prospects of the regime’s collapse are now too obvious to ignore.

Notably, Revolutionary Guards Basij agent Pouyan Hosseinpour admitted that protesters no longer fear the security forces. “This generation is no longer afraid. He is resisting. We had a conflict with several young people for an hour in the street,” he said on October 21. “We entered an alley with about 30 buildings; the neighbors threw stones, vases, irons, furniture and even barrels at us from the 30 roofs.’

Iran’s Baluchi population came out again to emphasize how they stand with the rest of Iran against the regime. People in several cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province took to the streets after Friday prayers and started chanting anti-regime slogans. Women have played a key role in leading protests in this oppressed region.

Baloch women wearing hijabs were chanting, “With hijab, without hijab, forward to the Revolution,” showing dissent from the regime’s restrictions across all social and cultural strata of Iranian society.

In another sign of political cunning, the Baluchis were shouting: “Kurds and Baluchis are brothers and they despise them. [Khamenei]”.

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Iranian university students chant: Down with the oppressor, be the Shah or supreme leader

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