Iran’s hardline clerics advocate amputations, more executions to deter anti-hijab protests

A hard-line clerical group in Iran is calling for the regime to carry out more executions as well as start beheading people to dissuade people from supporting anti-hijab protests. The statement was made by Jame’e Moddaresin-e Howzeh Elmiye-ye Qom, according to a report by Iran International. Jame’e Moddaresin-e Howzeh Elmiye-ye Qom stated that anyone participating in the protests is a “Mohareb” and under Iran’s sharia-based law, Moharebs can be punished by death, amputation, crucifixion and exile.

A member of the ayatollah group named Abbas Ka’abi said the society’s imam should punish the protesters. Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, another member of the society, said that all those who participated in the anti-hijab protests, whether they attacked the security guards or not, should be held guilty. Members of the clerical group said that even if there is no murder, a protester whose actions aim to create “fear and insecurity” in society should be punished with death if his actions are publicized at home and abroad.

40 people are at risk of execution

They have argued that exile would be effective in such cases, because it would damage Iran’s international image and cause other costs for the government. The regime has recently conducted secret trials and public hangings of protesters, and at least 40 more protesters are said to be at risk of execution or death sentences in courts that violate their due process rights. The regime is sensitive to media coverage of its repressive actions, especially by foreign TV channels broadcasting in Persian, according to a report by Iran International. On December 8, 23-year-old Mohsen Shekari was hanged. On December 12, 23-year-old Majidreza Rahnavard was hanged.

What is Mohareb?

Mohareb is an Arabic term meaning “one who makes war against God”. It is often used to designate individuals who are accused of engaging in activities contrary to the teachings of Islam, such as terrorism or rebellion. In some cases, the term can also be used to describe those who are considered enemies of the state or those who seek to overthrow the government.

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