It Is Clear Now – 2024 Will Be Between Jagan And Ramoji

It is clear now - 2024 will be between Jagan and Ramoji

A few weeks ago, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that he is fighting with Eenadu and Ramoji Rao and not TDP and Chandrababu Naidu.

When Eenadu said that he is a rival to the YSR Congress, but not the TDP, some asked how a newspaper could make a political fight!

But, it is becoming true if Eenadu is followed regularly. The fight in 2024 would be between YSR Congress and Eenadu. It would be between Jagan Mohan Reddy and Ramoji Rao.

Today, Ramoji Rao offered his role to counter Jagan Mohan Reddy’s speech in the Assembly on Amaravati.

Usually, the media reports what the politicians say. Media opinion comes in the editorial and not in other columns.

But, Eenadu lately comes with extended editorials in every column and today the whole paper is full of editorials about Amaravati.

Ramoji Rao took time to confront Jagan apart from the other issues, he explained the population of Amaravati and the land given by the farmers on the front page.

Ramoji Rao said that Amaravati is part of Tadikonda SC reserved constituency and therefore tried to exclude Jagan, who said that Amaravati is owned by Kammas.

He also said that a chief minister was spreading hatred among the people by blaming Amaravati Kammas.

If so, if Amaravati belongs to everyone, and the land of Amaravati belonged to everyone, why is only one caste involved in the agitation, the padayatra now?

Why only leaders of one caste, whichever party they belong to, are talking about Amaravati now?

Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP leaders, YS Chowdary, Satyaprasad, Paturi Nagabhushanam in BJP, K Narayana in CPI, Ch Baburao in CPM are speaking for Amaravati. What caste do all these leaders belong to?

Farmers have been protesting under a pandal in Mandadam village for the last 1000 days. Who are those sitting under the pandal? At least the Muslims of Mandadam village are participating in the protest SC, ST, BC, people from other 28 villages!

Isn’t the fact that a caste has bought land in Amaravati and they are the ones protesting and filing cases in courts?

Having bought the land from the farmers, why does Eenadu say that the farmers of these 29 villages gave the land? Where are those buyers? Why is Ramoji Rao silent on those who bought the land?

Why is Eenadu waging a political battle against Jagan, if not to protect the interests of the Kammas of Amaravati?

Let Eenadu clarify the names of those who bought the land and on whose behalf the same land was given to the government in the land pooling scheme, if it is to be believed.

Yes, now 2024 election will be between YSR Congress and Eenadu, between Jagan Mohan Reddy and Ramoji Rao.

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