Jagan’s Ads Against Centre On Fuel Prices; BJP Reacts

AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy has dared the Center with front page paper ads on fuel prices. The AP government’s jacket ads in major newspapers Eenadu, Sakshi and The Hindu publications have come as a shock to many as the ad asks, “Petrol and diesel prices… What was the price hike? and how much is it reduced now?”. A nonsensical, correct and correct question. is tough on the Union Government against the Centre.

In another question in the ad, “The same people who raised the price of petrol and diesel by over Rs 100 a liter and now reduced it to only Rs 5 and Rs 10 are protesting on the roads to get political mileage. What could be worse than this?”

Ad questions Central Excise duty on petrol and diesel and how AP got a gross deal. “Though the central government collected Rs 3,35,000 crore as Central Excise Duty on petrol and diesel, it distributed only Rs 19,475 crore as the State’s share, which is just 5.80 per cent of the total. While the Center distributed 41 per cent of the taxes collected among the states 2,87,500 crores in the form of Cess and Surcharges to avoid divisible pool of oil revenue and thereby reduce the share of State petro revenue.In the backdrop of Corona pandemic, is it not burdening the States more?

Moreover, the YSRCP government’s advertisements also discussed the state of bad roads in the state. He accused the previous TDP government of damaging the roads due to ‘negligence’ and ‘lack of maintenance’. The YCP government claimed that roads were damaged during its tenure due to “rainfall” and “flooding”. He said that the current state government had completed the repair of 8,970 km of roads at a cost of Rs 2,205 crore. The YCP government therefore justified imposing a special duty per liter on fuel compared to the previous government. The advertisement also showed in detail the VAT and Surcharge on petrol and diesel and how it had changed in the last 5 years, i.e. 2015 to 2020.

Serious BJP on Jagan ads!

The BJP’s AP unit has strongly condemned the AP government’s announcements and lashed out at the state government which is slashing funds. Somu Veerraju said that the party has taken the issue seriously and will further intensify the protests across the state. He found fault with the AP government for citing state tax quotas. He openly said how the state government can criticize the centre. Alleging that AP is in a worse financial condition, Somu Veerraju demanded a straight and detailed answer from the AP government as to why it is not able to reduce VAT even when the Center reduces Excise Duty. Somu Veerraj also responded to YCP senior leader Parthasarathi’s comments. He asked if YCP came to power in the state, he will rule the state only if the Center helps him. Talking about Special Category Status, Somu Veerraju said why BJP will give Status to AP when the state has not voted to power. He said BJP will show AP what it can do to the state if voted to power.

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