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JaipurA large number of jewelery enthusiasts thronged the Jaipur Jewelery Show (JJS) at JECC, Sitapura on Saturday. In this, not only the residents of Jaipur, but also many foreign tourists who came to visit Jaipur at the end of the year became a part of JJS, popularly known as the December Show. The visitors got information about different types of jewelry from the stall owners and even bought them. It was also gratifying for the exhibitors to answer the questions of the interested buyers and respond to their requests. It is worth noting that 86% of the exhibitors at the exhibition have been continuously connected with JJS in recent years, due to the trust that traders have placed in JJS. At the exhibition this time, visitors are witnessing new trends, from heavy gold jewelery to lightweight jewellery.

Jadau jewellery, Emerald, Kundan, Meena and Polki jewelery enthralled the visitors at the exhibition. At the same time, the Southern Temple Jewelery also remains an attraction for visitors. The idols of God in the show are also very much liked by the visitors. In this, idols of Lord Salasar and Khatu Shyam made of gold and silver, Tirupati Balaji’s court are some of the highlights. The court of Tirupati Balaji has been made of silver and at the same time the Polki work done there is adding to its beauty.

Like every time at JJS, the main attraction this time too are the designer stalls. These booths built according to their unique themes are attracting the attention of visitors from far and wide. About 67 percent of JJS brands this time have designer cabins, which makes them different from other cabins. A beautiful designer booth with Aangan Jewelery Collection vintage car on display here is a treat for visitors. On the other hand, the aura of a cabin is created by realizing the culture and heritage of India. There is a beautiful collection of handmade jadau kundan meena, other jewelery and polki jewelery at the stand.

Apart from this, attractive earrings, bracelets and necklaces are also being well received by the visitors at various stalls. Along with precious stones and jewellery, the show also has a number of stalls for Allied Machinery and Jewelery and Artifacts as usual.

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