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BELAGAVI: Pro-Kannada organizations Belagaviwelcomed the formula announced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday to maintain law and order in Karnataka and Maharashtra, but opposed the Centre’s decision to take a neutral stand. Supreme Court about the subject
Ashok Chandaragi, head of the action committee of Kannada organizations in Belagavi, agreed with Shah’s statement, saying the border issue should be resolved constitutionally and not in the middle of the streets. In a statement, Chandaragi asked the Center to take the same stand in the apex court on the inter-state boundary issue. “The Center should tell the court that Maharashtra’s plea challenging the States Reorganization Act after 50 years is illogical and untenable,” he said.
“Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis said in a press conference that Shah had accepted that he had taken a neutral stand in the apex court on the border issue. The Centre’s stand would be unjustifiable as the States Reorganization Act was brought by the Centre. Later, the Center itself constituted the Mahajan Commission. “Karnataka accepted both but Maharashtra rejected them. The Center should clearly raise this issue before the Supreme Court,” he said.
Chandaragi thanked Shah for persuading the two states to maintain silence on the dispute until the Supreme Court’s verdict. He said that since both the states have accepted Shah’s formula, Maharashtra should stay away from supporting the activities of Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) in Belagavi district and should participate in activities that would affect Kannadigas, especially in events like ‘Marathi Mahamelava’. It was predicted by the MES, on the first day of winter in Belagavi. “We Kannadigas will wait and see how Maharashtra will respond to Amit Shah’s formula,” Chandaragi said.
He also appreciated the decision to form a commission made up of six ministers, three from each state, to monitor the evolution. “This is a good move as Karnataka did not have an in-charge border minister since 2018, despite repeated requests from Kannada organisations,” he said. He has also proposed to form a committee headed by two IPS officers to look into the law and order problems in the two states, instead of a single IPS officer, as decided in the meeting chaired by Shah.

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