‘Karnataka slaps Maharashtra every day and…’: Sanjay Raut

Ever since Sanjay Raut got out of jail, he is constantly in the headlines. One statement after another is being given. Recently, he came down heavily on Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde. In fact, recently Sanjay Raut said, ‘What are they afraid of? There seems to be some pressure on them. They are nervous. It used to be said that they got lathis by going to Maharashtra. Now you are CM. do something We are all in this together. There will be no politics. Give a ‘tit for tat’ answer on the Karnataka-Maharashtra border dispute. The opposition is with you. Karnataka slaps Maharashtra every day and CM goes to Vidhan Bhavan stroking their cheeks.”

Let us know that the Shiv Sena MP from the Thackeray group while talking to the media today (Wednesday, September 21) said, ‘Maharashtra has never seen such helplessness. Yesterday again the CM of Karnataka gave these statements that he will not give an inch of space to Maharashtra and his claim about the people of Maharashtra is also intact. This language has never been used by a chief minister of a neighboring state. Although the border issue is old, there should be respectful behavior towards each other’s state.

With this, Sanjay Raut took a dig at CM Shinde and said, “The impact of the revolution that the revolutionary Chief Minister of Maharashtra took a few months back is visible in Karnataka. Today it is more important to know what Maharashtra is saying than what Karnataka is saying. says our prime minister? I’m sorry, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Not only that, Sanjay Raut also said that the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister are not doing anything except keeping quiet. Union Home Minister Amit Shah mediated between the CMs of the two states. what happened Things remained as they were. Despite all this, the Karnataka Chief Minister’s language remains the same. Will you give an answer about this or not? Why don’t you say anything about this?

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