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Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government has announced that more than 50 illegal promotions in the Public Service Commission violating the Finance Department’s instructions will soon be cancelled. It has been ordered to cancel the additional benefits received by these employees and to change the level to the previously occupied positions.

Among them, more than 30 people have been promoted to magazine positions so far. The government action is likely to affect nearly 100 employees, as promotions were given proportionately to other posts. The finance department issued an order clarifying that the guidelines published for promotions and vacancy calculation during the Covid-19 are also applicable to the Civil Service Commission.

Several cases were reported in the PSC, in which senior officials were encouraged to take leave of some employees. In November 2020, the Department of Finance ordered a freeze on promotions by announcing vacancies if senior officials take leave of more than three months. The PSC was asked to fulfill its duties by giving officers extra charges. However, the government has stated that many institutions and departments have violated this order.

Although the finance department had ordered the cancellation of illegal promotions, the PSC has maintained that the guidelines are not applicable to the commission as it is a constitutional body.

According to the Kerala Public Service Commission Regulations, PSC officers are also required to follow the service guidelines issued for government employees, reads the order issued by the finance department.

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