Kerala High Court Asks Govt To Take Decision On Proposal For Enhancing Superannuation Age Of High Court Staff

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday asked the state government to at the earliest consider and take a decision on the Judicial Commission’s proposal to improve the retirement age of its employees in light of the proposed judicial reforms based on the “Model”. Digital Court’.

Justice Devan Ramachandran he said:

“Therefore, it is clear that, on the one hand, the Government is obliged to consider the proposal of this Court in its proper perspective; on the other hand, the requirement of experienced workers, in the interim, is essential. . To achieve the balance, I am sure that the Government must first take a decision on the P3 Extension, the previous bearing in mind the important aspects, especially that the ‘transitional stage’ will soon begin”.

The court noted that the recommendation to improve the income age was made to ensure that the services of its experienced staff would be available for the transition to paperless courts under the ‘Model Digital Court’.

“The said letter, therefore, makes a clear recommendation that the services of its experienced staff should be utilized in the interim phase,” Justice Ramachandran said, adding that the phase would begin from January 2023.

Special Government Pleader TB Hood he told the judge the proposal is being actively studied by the government, and that it would take the “appropriate decision” without any delay. He added that the High Court has already made the withdrawal of the petitioners in two other cases, subject to the outcome of the aforementioned writs.

In these circumstances, the court ordered that the withdrawal of the petitioner and the respondent party would be subject to final orders in the petition.

Case Title: Sajeev Kumar PP v. State of Kerala

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