Kerala University Defends Night Curfews

The university has said that students should enter the hostel at 9.30 pm. (representation)


The Kerala University of Health Sciences in its affidavit filed in the High Court stated that “hostels are not tourist houses” for night life and students are not required to go out at night.

The affidavit was filed by the University against the impugned notification issued by the Higher Education Department prohibiting some girl students of the Government Medical College, Kozhikode from leaving the Hostel after 9.30 pm.

In the affidavit, the University further said: “People reach maturity at the age of 25. What is said before that is not acceptable. According to international studies, a person reaches full maturity at the age of 25. The decisions he takes before he needs to be guided. In the shelter they are there to study and not to enjoy the night life. They should not go out at night. College libraries close at 9:00 p.m. So there is no mistake in saying that they should enter the hostel. At 9:30. Children should sleep when they need it.”

During today’s trial, the High Court ordered strict enforcement of the new order issued by the Department of Health and Education regarding the reduction of hours in hostels. After 21:30, both boys and girls can enter the hostel after entering the information in the movement register, according to the order of the health and education department. This applies to students from second grade onwards.

Single Justice Devan Ramachandran sought an explanation from the state government on whether reading rooms in campuses can function even at night. The judge asked the principals to take a decision to open the reading rooms at night if requested by the students. The Government should decide whether students can leave the hostel after 9.30pm.

The court took up the case on December 22 and directed the State Government to file a reply in this regard.

The petitioners also challenged various clauses of the Hostel Recognition Ordinance under the Kerala University of Health Sciences, which stipulates certain fixed hours when students must study and can use the classroom.

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