For the first year, Carbon High has an all-girls wrestling team. Although the inaugural season started a month late, the Lady Dinos have been eager to learn and get to work.

“After starting the season a month late, these girls were eager to learn quickly,” volunteer coach Jamill Tapia said. “After only four weeks of practice, these Lady Dinos were ready to fight for the Battle of Artemis in Salem Hills.”

The battle of Artemisa took place on Saturday, two days after the team organized the first match of the blue and white team. Carbon made a name for itself on Saturday as seven Lady Dinos placed in the top six.

Avery Kifer took first place for Carbon, who finished second. Bailey Christensen finished third, and Fortune Ward, Chloe Parker and Madison Arroyo finished fourth. Emma Parker finished fifth and Cody Shaw sixth.

“We’re excited to see how much these girls learn and grow from here to state,” Tapia said.

The Dinos have a quick turnaround as they travel to Herriman on Tuesday for the Providence Hall Brawl.