Let there be a judicial probe, we will give evidence to back our claims: Kempanna

D. Kempanna, president of the Karnataka State Contractors Association, who was arrested and released on Saturday in connection with a criminal defamation case filed by Minister Munirathna on corruption allegations, on Sunday alleged that his arrest was “misguided by the authorities”. Ministers and State Governments”.

“They have the power of the police and they have used it to harass us in an attempt to suppress our voice. The order given by the court had to be fulfilled on the next day of the next trial, which is January 19, by which time we would appear before the court. But just as they were arresting some hardened criminals, the police visited not only our houses but also the residences of many of our relatives, asking us to harass them as well. But the police treated us well. It was clear they were under instruction,” Mr. Kempanna said the hindu .

Mr. Kempanna also said that the civil defamation and criminal defamation suits filed by Mr. Munirathna were unable to provide evidence to support their allegations. “We have written to the Minister, we have met him personally and we have also requested through public forums that he initiate a judicial investigation into the allegations made by the 40% commission. Even today if a judicial investigation is launched, we have evidence to support our claims and we will submit them for investigation,” he said.

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