Locals in Vändra collect truckloads of aid to send to Ukraine | News

The parking lot in front of the Põhja-Pärnumaa municipal government building was very active on Thursday morning, as citizens gathered to help load all the collected items onto the trucks that will go to Ukraine.

With new reports emerging almost daily of more aid shipments being sent to Ukraine, Estonians’ willingness to continue helping shows no signs of abating. The main organizer of this latest effort was the activist Oleg Gross, reports the ETV show “Aktuaalne kaamera”.

Margus Muld, a member of the board of directors of one of the largest food producers in Estonia, Agrone, said that the goal is to continue helping Ukrainians. “We all know that the situation in Ukraine at the moment is extremely difficult. There is no electricity and no heat,” Mulde said.

“Under the name of Agrone, through our contacts, and after making a few phone calls, we have collected 33 generators. We are also sending one of our machines there, which will go directly to the front. In collaboration with the municipalities, we have also collected warm clothes, electric banks and everything that is needed at the moment they have. Even the buses here are going to Ukraine and will not return,” he said.

Agrone previously shipped three cars to Ukraine this spring, and according to Muld, this delivery will certainly not be the last.

“We will definitely continue with this and call on other people who are willing and eager to (help) the Ukrainians,” Muld said. “We know that the Ukrainians are fighting for themselves, but they are also fighting for all of us. In this respect, it is absolutely right for us to help them,” he added.

The municipality of Põhja-Pärnumaa has also helped to collect warm clothes for the winter.

Põhja-Pärnumaa Municipality’s public relations specialist Eva Soosaar said Agrone approached the municipality and was delighted to be involved.

“We called on all the residents of the municipality to collect warm clothes, and everything that people need for the winter. People donated winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, warm clothes and basically everything that is warm. So thank you. to all the people of the municipality,” said says Soosaar.

A Ukrainian representative was also present to ensure that all donated items, along with their intended destinations in Ukraine, were properly registered and processed.

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