Love triangle attack: Couple push man from building at Banjara hills

Published: Date of publication – 20:45, Wednesday – November 22nd

Love triangle attack: Couples push man from building in Banjara Hills

Hyderabad: A man who objected to his married girlfriend’s relationship with his friend is battling for life with severe injuries after the couple allegedly jumped out of the second floor of a building in Krishnanagar, Banjara Hills.

According to the police, T.Suryanarayan (30), a native of AP’s Srikakulalm district, was staying in an apartment in Krishnanagar, and was working as a minor artist. A few years ago, Surya met a woman, Naga Vardhini from AP’s Guntur district, also a minor artist, and the two started living together.

During their stay, Surya introduced one of his friends Srinivas Reddy, a native of Rajahmundry, AP, who started frequenting Naga Vardhini and their home.

“Some differences arose between Surya and Naga Vardhini about four months ago, after which both of them separated. Surya started staying separately in another flat in the same building,” said Banjara Hills Inspector, M Narendar.

After a few weeks of their separation, Naga Vardhini reportedly started dating Srinivas. On hearing about this, Surya got angry and warned Naga Vardhi to mend his ways.

On Sunday night, on learning about Srinivas’ presence at the Naga Vardhini flat, an agitated Surya went to them and got into a fight over their relationship.

“In a fit of rage, the couple attacked Surya and pushed him from the second floor of the apartment. The man fell down and sustained serious injuries. He was taken to a hospital for treatment,” said Police Inspector.

The police registered a case against Naga Vardhini and Srinivas. Both were arrested and jailed by the police on Wednesday.

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