Man Stuck Between Boulders Since 42 Hours Rescued

KAMAREDDY: Shada Raju, who was stuck in a crevice between two large rocks was safely rescued and taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The rescue operation was carried out by the Kamareddy district police and administration to save the man in question and lasted for more than 30 hours.

Shada Raju (36) of Reddip had gone hunting along with another friend Ashok on Tuesday morning at Singarayapalli Puligutta in the Ghanpur forest area near Kamareddy district of Telangana when he fell into a crevice between two large boulders. Accident Raju is said to have dropped his cell phone and when he tried to retrieve it, he slipped and fell into the small hole in the rocks. He had been stuck in the cave since Tuesday afternoon. Mahesh, who was with her, stayed with her that night, but sensing the gravity of the situation, she immediately alerted the nearby villagers. The municipal police were called in on Wednesday evening and rescue operations led by police, revenue and forest department officials were quickly called.

The officials made several attempts to get him out with ropes. JCBs and other excavating equipment were deployed to try to break up the rocks. They also blasted rocks from the side next to where Raju was stuck to help him. The police have made an ambulance with oxygen and other first aid medicines ready to treat Raju and take him to the hospital after he is discharged.

Meanwhile, Raju told the police that he was fine with minor injuries. He was given glucose and ORS to keep him hydrated. Fortunately, his head was out of the opening, so he was able to breathe through the narrow slit. They called his family and made them talk to Raju to boost his confidence.

Even after the rocks burst he was still stuck, his legs could be seen sticking out the other side, but his head was stuck between the rocks. They tried putting in coconut oil to try to tighten it up, but that didn’t work either. A sense of desperation prevailed and the officials had to think of other ways to get him out unharmed, even as tension arose over the survival of Raju’s family.

They even deployed rock-cutting drills to try and free him. But the tricky part that made rescue operations difficult was that the head was stuck from the top even though the waist of the body was free. Local residents and citizens and the media gathered to witness the massive rescue efforts and prayed that the man would soon be out of danger. The media and bystanders were sent away from the crash site as chemical explosions were once again carried out around the area to create a vacuum for the head to emerge. They covered it with a bed sheet to keep the splinters from falling on top. The rescue operation along with the police and district machinery was finally successful and he was safely pulled out and immediately sent to the Government hospital at Kamareddy in the ready ambulance. Reportedly, Raju had minor injuries on his hand and suffered exhaustion.

His wife and relatives heaved a sigh of relief and expressed their gratitude to the officials for bringing Raju out safely. Throughout the cooking, his friend Ashok was by his side for the last 48 hours since the accident.

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