‘Misogynous’ article on Meghan Markle taken down after massive backlash: What did Jeremy Clarkson write?

The Sun has expressed regret over Jeremy Clarkson’s article about Meghan Markle, in which he called the Duchess of Sussex an “unsuitable monster”. More than 17,500 people contacted the Independent Press Standards Organization to complain about the column within days. column, the reporter said Meghan should be stripped and paraded through the streets.

“At night, I can’t sleep as I lie there gritting my teeth and dreaming of the day when they parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowd shouts ‘Shame!’ and throw their dung balls at them,” Clarkson wrote of a scene from Game of Thrones. giving a vague reference.

“I had an argument with someone – we both agreed that Meghan Markle is a sleazy monster, but we couldn’t agree on how awesome she is,” Clarkson wrote in the column, which has now been removed from the website at her request.

“We all know at heart that Harold Markle is a little dark-chinned but funny, used to flying Apache helicopters in Afghanistan and walking around Las Vegas hotel rooms as a naked prostitute,” Clarkson wrote while further referring to Prince Harry as Harold. Markle. “But then along came Meghan, who obviously used some vivid promises of the bedroom to turn her into a warrior of awakening.”

“The opinions of the columnists are their own, but as a publisher we note that with free expression comes responsibility. We at The Sun regret publishing this article and are truly sorry,” the publication said in a statement. “The article has been removed from our website and archives.”

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“The Sun has a proud history of campaigning, from Help for Heroes to Jabs Army to Who Cares Wins and over 50 years of working in partnership with charities, our campaigns have helped change Britain for the better,” he added.

In a letter to the newspaper’s editor, more than 60 MPs from all parties apologized and asked Clarkson to “take action” over the article. Although The Sun has removed the story, it is unclear whether any action has been taken against the author.

The response of the sun was also not well received by users. “The Sun’s response to complaints about Jeremy Clarkson’s accidental misogyny,” wrote author Monisha Rajesh.

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“Remember, that Jeremy Clarkson article was not a slip of the tongue or a tweet written in a moment of madness. It was an article that was written, read and re-read. It was seen by multiple editors and copywriters. All of them must have thought “this is fine,” wrote author Ali Milani.

“I want to thank Jeremy Clarkson for proving once and for all that Meghan and Harry have always been telling the truth about everything,” singer Stella Parton wrote.

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