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18 Jun, 2021 Prabu No Comments

The game is somewhat fun, but incredibly repetitive. I can upgrade my exercise, speed and weights, tap on the screen to speed things up and when I max out my stats for the current fight, I watch my character fight, rinse, recycle, repeat… It’s lacking so much and I want it to be more. I’m watching a game that looks like it’s supposed to be interactive.

It would be great if we could upgrade the gym itself and have a wider variety of exercises. Give us some semblance of control over the fight itself. Hide the stats of the next bout and allow us to fight whenever, we’ll fight when we feel we’re ready and if we fail, we’ll go back to exercising. Character customization is absolutely necessary. Overall, it just needs more to it, it’s too basic and I can see myself losing interest within 48 hours. I’ll keep it around for a while, hopefully the devs see these comments and update it accordingly.

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