New Year’s Resolutions For Your Mental Health And Wellbeing

Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar

The New Year holiday is definitely a time for family, friends and general merriment. During this time, we often overeat, sleep irregularly, and plan meals irregularly. While the holidays are good for everyone, we have to be careful not to get back into our normal routines quite quickly. The first step you can take to achieve your 2023 New Year’s resolution is to practice self-control during the holiday festivities to prioritize your health and fitness.

wake up early

Getting into the habit of living healthy early in the morning is the first step. Getting up early gives you extra time for the rest of the day, but it also gives you light. When you get up early in the morning, you have quiet time that you can use to work on yourself. Early in the morning, you can enjoy unparalleled peace and solitude.

Start your day with meditation

This term can be used for various types of meditation including Super Power Meditation, Breath Meditation, also known as Swaas Dhyan, Seed Meditation, also known as Aarambh Dhyan, etc. your energy level when you get up early in the morning.

Super Power Meditation is also a highly recommended technique because it affects how quickly your body can recover. Using meditation techniques can lift spirits, relieve anxiety and promote relaxation.

• To practice this, take a seat in Sukhasana or another relaxed pose that shapes your body into a pyramid on top of a mountain.

The goal is to occupy a triangle-shaped seat on top of a mountain.

You should imagine an inverted triangular shield on your chest while in this position, and then concentrate on inhaling the good and exhaling the bad.

Watch your diet

Controlling your diet is the next thing you can do for yourself to start the new year healthy. Make a commitment to reduce your consumption of processed, fatty, greasy and spicy foods. If your goal is to lose weight, make this New Year the time to do it naturally and healthily. Avoid fad diets, as they can damage your body and psyche in the long run, giving short-term results.

The Siddha Walk Method

The Siddha walk is performed by moving from south to north, tracing a figure eight. Walking this road from south to north in the shape of an 8 will take 21 minutes. After completing the required number of laps, you will have to turn around and walk an additional 21 minutes from north to south.

Practice Himalayan Pranam

It helps you develop a level of awareness of your body and helps you improve concentration. The spiritual benefits of Himalaya Pranam include balancing your energies and your rhythm. It also helps to balance the menstrual cycle, helps to energize the body. This technique will allow you to gain greater powers, as it will change your patterns and you will gain universal perception. The ultimate goal is to understand the phenomenon of life and Himalayan Pranam will help you realize this.

Avoid spending too much time looking at your phone or laptop screen. Make the New Year a way to connect with nature…

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