Newspaper Clipping With Cartoon Network Shows Makes Internet Nostalgic

Newspaper clippings with Cartoon Network shows make the Internet nostalgic

Cartoon Network is one of the oldest cartoon channels

A newspaper clipping took a trip down memory lane on the internet after it went viral. Shared on Linkedin by user Vinod Arora, the clip shows a list of animated shows that appear on Cartoon Network.

The clip shows the schedule of cartoons that aired on Cartoon Network from 5 am. The cut included favorite shows including Scooby Doo, The Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Mask and The Popeye Show. The post evoked memories from several social media users.

Accompanying the post, the headline reads: “The only thing I looked forward to in 1996-1997 was this: It was exciting to read the daily schedule and figure out the daily shows!!! Anyone know or remember this! ?”

The post has received over 7,000 comments and 287 comments. The post was shared across social media platforms as the newspaper clipping brought back many memories. One user wrote: “One user commented: “Literally every day I look at the papers to read the names of the different shows and how often they come on. Man, I really miss those days a lot better than today’s social media era.”

Another user commented: “Oh my God, yes!! I remember waiting for the b&w movies to come on to make sure the bomb wasn’t a bug and it’s time to turn off the TV.”

Third user commented: “Before the 2000’s CN used to end at 9pm and popeye last show at 8:30 followed by a TNT bomb going off on the screen to end the nightly cartoons. and white English songs/movies.”

Cartoon Network is one of the oldest cartoon channels, founded on October 1, 1992.

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