Pak an unnatural state; Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun people will be free: Zafar Sahito

Zafar Sahito, founder and chief organizer of the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement, who is in exile in the United States, has been fighting relentlessly for a free Sindhudesh.

Date of publication – 16:14, Saturday – 24 December 22

Pak an unnatural state;  Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun people will be free: Zafar Sahito

Chennai: Zafar Sahito, founder and chief organizer of the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement, who is in exile in the United States, has been fighting relentlessly for a free Sindhudesh.

He has been active globally and regularly interacts with think tanks, intellectuals, the media and other foreign leaders in the United States, highlighting the suffering of the people of Pakistan’s Sindh region.

In an online interview with IANS, Zafar Sahito said that Sindh, Baloch and Pashtun people will soon be freed from the clutches of Punjab-controlled Pakistan.

Q: What is the current status of the Sindh region of Pakistan

A: Sindh has already suffered greatly since the creation of the unnatural theocratic state of Pakistan dominated by the occupied Pakistani Punjab due to the exploitation of Sindh’s resources and now that Pakistan is experiencing an economic and political crisis, the Sindhi nation is suffering from severe poverty and oppression. also after the recent floods in Sindh devastated people.

The people of Sindh are forced to live in the open without food and medicine, while the federal government and the military establishment are taking billions of dollars from the world in the name of flood relief.

Q: How is your movement Jeay Sindh freedom movement going?

A: In recent years and decades, Pakistan and Pakistani intelligence agencies have been conducting operations against our political struggle for the right of self-determination, our top 57 leaders in Jeay Sindh have been killed by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Many face false cases and are in jail.

But our spirits are high, Punjab ruled Pakistan and its military establishment are increasing atrocities, the more we are moving towards our goal of freeing Sindhudesh and we will never leave the path of the ideology of GM Sindhudesh Sain dear father. Syed.

Q: Is Pakistan a failed state?

A: Morally, economically and politically Punjab-dominated Pakistan has become a failed state due to corrupt political practices, and the elite classes, especially the military generals, are exposed internationally.

Pakistan’s natural theocratic state based on the false identity of Islam has become a joke due to the emergence of Islamist terrorist networks, sponsoring terrorism worldwide, and its mail-blocking nature.

Q: There are reports of several forced disappearances in Pakistan. Does it happen in Sindh region too?

A: Hundreds of thousands of political activists are being disappeared by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies ISI, MI from occupied Baluchistan, KPK and Sindh provinces. Many of them are political prisoners living a brutal life in Pakistani jails. There are now 250 “enforced disappearances” from Sindh. Some of them were kidnapped in 2000, they are still missing persons.
Recently, we received news from a hospital about 500 unidentified bodies found in the province of Punjab, these bodies were of people who had been forcibly disappeared.

Q: You are in exile in the US and do you feel any threat to your life in the US as well?

A: In recent years we have seen that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies with the help of the Chinese government and radical Islamist groups in Iran have become so powerful that they have already killed a few exiled political and media leaders in western countries, so it is clearly me. Feel a lot of danger here in the US too.
I am getting open threats all the time on social media and their various channels. In 2019, a Pakistani mob attacked us during a protest at the UN headquarters in New York.

Q: Does Pakistan’s intelligence agency play a major role in the administrative affairs of that country?

A: Pakistan, since its inception under the control of the military and Islamist groups, are the real owners of black and white, because there has never been a democracy in Pakistan. The same practice continues today, a recent independent study on Pakistan showed that 57 percent of Pakistan’s businesses are owned by the military, from food production to real estate and transportation.

Q: There have been numerous allegations of corruption against Pakistan’s political leaders, military and intelligence. What do you think is the reason for the rampant corruption in Pakistan?

A: The elite 10 percent class controls Pakistan, families of corrupt politicians, judiciary, bureaucrats and military generals during their reign are trying to profit from their power, the reason we see after their retirement is that they are buying the islands and the chain. companies abroad

Q: How are minorities treated in Pakistan?

A: Pakistan ruled by Punjab is controlled by the army and factions of Islamist (Wahhabi) groups, if no one follows they also target Muslims, so from this perspective we can easily understand how followers of other faiths are treated in Islamic Pakistan. .

If we look at the latest figures of atrocities against Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadis, Shias and Christians, they live a terrible life and thousands are leaving Islamic Pakistan every year.

Q: FATF sanctions against Pakistan have now been lifted. Do you think this will increase terrorist activities in that country?

A: I think Pakistan withdrew from FATF due to China’s influence, this is bad news not only for us but also for India and western countries because money laundering in Pakistan is reaching high levels and trade and smuggling of fake dollars has reached its peak. , radical Islamist groups are more active in the region and control businesses in the region.

Q: Is there a chance to match Sindushtan?

A: Pakistan is an unnatural state. I am sure it will fulfill its destiny of disintegration and Sindh, Baloch and Pashtun people chained in slavery in Punjab dominated Pakistan will be freed soon, it will also be helpful for the world- Pakistan sponsored terrorism will end.

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