Pele Health Update: Brazil legend’s family gathers in hospital, posts yet another video

Pele Health Update
Image source: GETTY Pele Health Update: Brazil legend’s family gathers in hospital, posts another video

The family of Brazilian soccer legend Pele have gathered in hospital after his battle with cancer worsened. The three-time World Cup winner’s family has released a video where they have given the latest update on his health. The three-time FIFA World Cup winner has been in hospital for over a month and was recently diagnosed with Covid-19.

The last video of the family

In the video, the Brazilian legend is shown showing off a smartphone with his family, with someone talking to him. The problem is that Pelé doesn’t seem to be fully aware of what’s going on. We don’t know if this is an effect of the medicine he is taking or if he is on some kind of anesthetic.

Pelé is expected to spend Christmas at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Sao Paulo, but his family knows his situation is dire. Since he was diagnosed with cancer, Pelé is trying to fight for his life but his advanced age is also an important factor here.

In the last 48 hours, several footballers have sent messages of support to Pelé. Other Brazilian footballers, such as Neymar, are sending messages to their idol, while many of the social media posts come from around the world.

The entire football world is worried about Pelé’s health. However, we all know that the situation is not optimal and that anything can happen in a few hours. All we can do for now is wait for the moment and feel grateful for a time when Pelé was still alive for many years.

The son is also in the hospital

Pelé’s son, Edinho, is already in the hospital with his father and waiting for the moment of his departure. It’s always heartbreaking to see football legends pass like this, but Pelé has had a pretty fulfilling life so far.

No matter what happens, one can be sure that the whole world loves him and his legacy will live on until the end of time. For many, the greatest footballer who ever lived. Especially for the older generation who got to see him and all the football legends that came after him.

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