People celebrate as prowling tiger captured in Uttara Kannada

Uttara Kannada, December 20 (IANS): The roaming tiger that created terror in Karnataka’s Uttara Kannada district has been captured and taken to a zoo by forest officials, officials said on Tuesday.

People of Ulavi village in Joida taluk were celebrating the development and praised the forest department’s efforts to capture the tiger.

Fear gripped the entire region as the roaming tiger killed 10 cows and livestock in a week. Every day the tiger came to the living area and attacked the livestock. Every day he managed to kill one or two cows or calves and dragged them into the forest.

He attacked Chandrali, three cows from Henakola and two oxen from Mele area. Authorities said that since the tiger had grown old, it attacked the cows and livestock kept in the barn attached to the houses.

Earlier, the locals vented their anger on the forest officials for not being able to catch the roaming tiger that could turn into a man-eater anytime. People feared for their safety, especially children and women. The villagers have demanded District Minister Kota Srinivas Poojari and Congress MP, senior politician RV Deshapande to solve their problem.

Kali Reserve Forest area Deputy Conservator of Forests Mario Christraja led the team and monitored the tiger capture operations. The big cat was finally trapped in the cage. Uluvi Gram Panchayat Vice President Manjunath Mokashi congratulated the forest officials for helping the people of the region.

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