People throng Kerala markets for ‘plum cakes’ on Christmas

December 25, 2022 2:28 p.m IST

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India]Dec 25 (ANI): People across Kerala celebrated Christmas with fervor and joy this year after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdowns.
Cities, towns and villages were illuminated with decorative lights. Midnight masses were held in the churches to welcome the Lord Jesus.
People also thronged the cake shops in the Kerala capital here on Christmas Eve and Sunday, as the festivities are a big part of the celebrations.
People were seen busy buying cakes on Christmas Eve. Most followed proper Covid guidelines.

This year’s trend in Thiruvananthapuram was plum cakes. Although cake prices have risen by 10 percent this year, people have been asking for more cakes, especially the famous plum cakes that feature prominently in this special end-of-the-year celebration.

The famous cake shop in Thiruvananthapuram Ambrosia organized a wide range of Christmas and New Year cakes. Ambrosia owner Kukku Vinod told ANI, “We are well prepared for Christmas this year. This year we find a change in trend, people are coming for plumcakes.”

An Atheena customer said, “For the past five years, we always came here and bought plum cakes for our family and domestic workers. We always brought plum cake especially because it’s our parents’ favorite.”
“They (Ambrosia) have a good collection in different designs. It’s pocket-friendly,” Ateena said, pointing to the cream and plum cakes.

“We prefer custard cakes because they look nice and Christmassy in taste and decoration. I personally like cheesecakes and honey cakes. We have them at home and today I’m just focusing on plum cakes,” added Ateena with a laugh.
Delighted, the Ambrosia manager told ANI that this year is much better. “We have new flavors and new traditions. Last year everyone was looking for fresh frozen cakes and cream cakes, but this year everyone is back to that plum cake tradition. The classic walnut is our new variety that our chefs are working hard on. premium and fast-moving item this year,” he said.
The Abrosia store has plum cakes and ice cream cakes ranging from 700 to 6,000 euros.
“We have different varieties of plum cakes. On the contrary, this year is much better. After Covid, everyone enjoys shopping and we expect a lot more people in the evening,” said Rejoy.
Abrosian ice cream cakes and cream cakes are priced from Rs 730 onwards. “We have different types of cakes that go up to Rs 6,000. Varieties are coming every hour and our chefs are testing their recipes and bringing new varieties. We are trying to make sugar and eggless plum cakes in a year,” Rejoy added.
The pastry shop was overflowing with cashews and varieties of delicacies like Halwa.
Kukku Vinod, owner of Ambrosia, was expecting good business this year.

“After the last two years, people are really looking forward to celebrating. We have about 10-20 types of plum cakes. Apart from walnuts, we have varieties of cakes. We are well prepared for Christmas,” Kukku told ANI.
This year we found a change in trend. People come for plumcakes. So this year we planned to promote plum cake more. We are getting a very good response from the public,” he added. (ANI)

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