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Kozhikode: Questions in two sociology exams held on Tuesday have created controversy. There are complaints that various questions will lead to unnecessary interpretations. Question 11 of the article was: Who said “Minorities are an explosive device which, if exploded, can blow up the entire fabric of the State?” The teachers said that this question can create narrow ideas in the children.

The teachers alleged that since the statement made by Dr. BR Ambedkar was taken out of context, the chief architect of the Constitution of India himself would be misunderstood.

One of the chapters of the program discusses what minorities are and the support the nation should give them. Ambedkar asked the question at the time of making the Constitution of India. Taking the example of a specific community in Maharashtra, Ambedkar was talking about the need to bring the backward class into the mainstream.

They also complain that several questions in the exam were outside the syllabus. The question paper was prepared in English and Malayalam. It has been revealed that the meaning of some questions in Malayalam was different from that in English.

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