Pocket Tv Apk Download

11 Oct, 2020 Bharathi No Comments

About Pocket Tv:

Pocket TV is an best application used in the android mobile. First we can download from the Google Play Store. After that it will ask the some terms and conditions.

How to Use Pocket Tv:

Next that click that start button after that it opened, inside. It open the update media content in that having an categories like Live TV, VOC and serial. It will updates one by one.  It will downloading the live TV content.

At last all the categories are completely updates. In that having an close option ,click that button.  It will open that main screen in that. In the side they show the movie name and images.

After that it open, having an option of movies ,kids , recipe ,TV series and live  TV. While you are clicking the movies it  asking different kinds of languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam.

Next that we can open the Live TV in that having an different categories of channel and different language also. Next that it open the TV series in that also providing an many languages.

They are offering for kids also to see the cartoon channels. Last but not least having an recipe options in that gives an Indian Dish and many kinds of dish.

In the right side of the top having an speed test it is used for ping that. In that we can download any movies, series and live TV. After that we can upload any kind of programs in that application.

We can click the begin test button. It start count that. While you are clicking any movies,it gives about an movie detail like an genre, director, moral of the movies , release date and many. Sometimes they giving an link below that.

Any kind of movies or TV series can download and can watch later.  One of the best application, can enjoy mostly in our weekend days.

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