Postal dept to deliver Life Certificates to service pensioners at doorstep

Kochi: The Indian Postal Department will issue digital Life Certificate to service pensioners through door-to-door service. The service will be guaranteed through India Post Payment Bank. More than 5,000 mail carriers will have smart phones and biometric equipment for this purpose.

The consumer has to pay Rs 70 as service charge. Service pensioners of state government, central government or any other department can use this service to get Life Certificate.

Pensioners need to upload Aadhaar number, mobile number, PPO number, bank passbook and pension account details at or book the service through postinfo app. The pensioner will receive a Pramaan ID as a message on the mobile phone after successfully uploading the data to the website or sending the data to the postman.

Pensioners can download their digital Life Certificate using Pramaan ID from or collect it from postman. Social welfare pension services cannot be obtained through this scheme.

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