Power bill arrears keep piling up, reveal data

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has not been very successful in recovering electricity bill arrears from consumers despite announcing age-old settlement schemes, data shows.

The arrears stood at ₹ 2,981.16 crore, as per updated data as on September 30 this year. Government offices owe KSEB ₹126.85 crore and public sector bodies, including the Kerala Water Authority (KWA), ₹1,319.78 crore. Domestic consumers have also incurred delays of ₹ 313.59 crore, Power Department data showed.

Private companies in high voltage/over voltage consumer categories and captive power plants owe ₹745.85 crore to KSEB. Of this, ₹262.8 crore is embroiled in litigation.

Earlier this month, KSEB had given details of major failures in the State Assembly.

Recently, KSEB drew flak from the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) for failing to recover dues. Electricity charge arrears recoverable from HT and Lt consumers increased by ₹ 220.66 crore from ₹ 2,121.70 crore in March 2017 to ₹ 2,342.36 crore in March 2021, see latest CAG audit report on KSEB’s Ujwal Assurance performance yours. Yojana (UDAY) has been launched this month.

The single initiative settlement scheme and having Vydyuthi adalats for recovery of dues “could not significantly reduce all receivables”, the CAG observed. The audit report also stated that the State Government had not fulfilled its commitment in the UDAY MoU to pay dues of government departments other than KWA.

In June, the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Board directed the KSEB to constitute a “backlog recovery team” and propose a time-bound action plan to recover the backlogs.

While examining KSEB’s request for Consolidated Revenue Condition and Estimated Revenue from Charges, the Committee observed that the accumulation of arrears would adversely affect KSEB’s cash flow. ”The board has observed that the arrears due to electricity charges have been increasing year on year and as on December 31, 2021 it stands at ₹ 2,771.00 crore. The Commission firmly believes that timely collection of electricity fees is a primary responsibility. of the licensee

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