President Murmu wishes citizens on Christmas eve, calls festival ‘symbol of peace & brotherhood’

President Murmu wishes the citizens on Christmas Eve
Image source: PTI/FILE President Murmu wishes the citizens on Christmas Eve

Christmas: On Christmas Eve, President Droupadi Murmu greeted the citizens on Saturday, saying that the festival inspires them to treat each other with love and kindness. In a message, he stated that Christmas is a symbol of peace and brotherhood for all mankind.

“On this day, we remember the message of mercy and sacrifice given by Jesus Christ. The Christmas festival encourages us to treat each other with love and kindness. Let us commit ourselves to take the divine teachings of Jesus Christ into our lives. “said Murmu.

He also said: “I extend my warmest greetings to all my countrymen, especially to my Christian brothers and sisters during the Christmas festivities.”

A day before Christmas, President Murmu also visited the Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi. He also offered prayers for the progress and welfare of humanity and participated in celebrations and spent time with children.

The whole world celebrates Christmas on December 25 and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas day is about giving and spreading happiness. It’s time to show gratitude and express love to everyone. It is a common belief that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, but in fact, the Bible never mentions the birthday of Jesus.

Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25?

Christmas, the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, is celebrated by most Christians on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar. Christmas is short for Christ’s Mass. But the early Christians did not celebrate his birth, because no one knows when Jesus was actually born. Moreover, it is not even mentioned in the Bible.

The Roman Empire did not adopt Christianity until the 3rd century. Previously on December 25th they celebrated the revival of Unconquered Sun Sol Invictus. According to the Washington Post, the earliest mention of December 25 as Jesus’ birthday is in IV. It comes from a mid-century Roman almanac that records the death dates of various Christian bishops and martyrs.

The first date listed, December 25, is marked: natus Christus in Betleem Judeae: “Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea…” So, almost 300 years after Jesus’ birth, we finally find people observing his birth in the middle of winter.

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