PSC’s notification related to relinquishment application creates confusion among candidates

Kozhikode: PSC’s notification on submission of waiver application has created complete confusion among the candidates and its offices are receiving many queries seeking clarity.

An application for waiver of appointment is a declaration form submitted by a candidate that the person “will not make any claim in future for advising appointment from the concerned Rank list”. Normally, such a request is made only by a candidate who obtains an appointment to a position higher than the position classified in the first list.

The PSC has decided that those submitting this application will have to verify that the candidate has appeared in person and signed the application.

The waiver form should be attested by the Gazetted Officers of the State/Central Government Service. It must be submitted on the stamp paper with the notary’s certificate and a self-attested copy of the ID card.

The PSC intended to send a notice in this regard to the concerned applicants. But this notification has been sent to all candidates including those who are not named in any rank list and persons in government service.

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