Rahul Gandhi controversial remark Hindi will not work English will bharat jodo yatra rajasthan

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
Image Source: PTI Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is on his Bharat Jodo Yatra, made a controversial remark against the Hindi language, saying it won’t work if you want to talk to people from the rest of the world, but English does. The congressman made this statement in Rajasthan’s Alwar.

“If you want to talk to people from the rest of the world, Hindi will not work, English will. We want the children of farmers and poor workers to compete with the Americans and win using their language. I am happy that 1,700 people. English medium schools have opened in Rajasthan,” he said. By Rahul Gandhi.

Taking a swipe at the government, Rahul Gandhi said, “BJP leaders don’t want English to be taught in schools. But the children of all their leaders go to English schools. Actually, the children of poor farmers and workers don’t want to learn English, big dream.” and get out of the fields.”

Meanwhile, attacking the government over India-China, Rahul Gandhi earlier said that China is constantly preparing for war while the Indian government is sleeping.

“Our government hides information about China’s preparation. The Indian government does not work strategically, it works on the basis of facts. In terms of geopolitics, events do not work there. The foreign minister’s statements keep coming, but he needs to deepen his understanding,” he said. in a press conference

Gandhi also expressed his astonishment that no one, including the media, is asking any questions about China despite its occupation of Indian territory and the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers.

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