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The spirit of Christmas has gripped revelers in India and other parts of the world and leaders are joining in by being a part of the celebrations. Churches across the country held midnight masses and sang songs to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. President Droupadi Murmu and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee were among the leaders who attended and reveled in the church functions.

President Murmu’s office posted a message on Twitter in which images of his participation were shared. “President Draupadi Murmu visited the Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi a day before Christmas. The children sang Christmas carols,” he said. )”, he added.

Bengal Trinamool Congress also shared a tweet. “Let us all unite in seeking the Lord’s blessings for the peace and harmony of the Nation. (sic),” Trinamool Congress tweeted as it posted a short video of the West Bengal Chief Minister attending the event along with his nephew Abhishek Banerjee.

Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh was another city where the midnight mass was a spectacle for those embracing the festive spirit.

This year, Christmas is being marked around the world with pandemic restrictions lifted. However, fears of the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus still loom large as China grapples with a new spike in cases.

In the holy town of Bethelem, Christmas tourism is reported to be back as borders are raised in the Palestinian territories and Israel.

Meanwhile, in his message to the world, Pope Francis has rebuked the power-hungry as the war in Ukraine enters its 11th month. “While the animals feed in their stalls, the men and women of our world, in their hunger for wealth and power, also consume their neighbors, their brothers and sisters,” lamented the Pontiff. “How many wars have we seen! And in how many places, even today, human dignity and freedom are treated with contempt!

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