Road Caves in at Goshamahal Market in Hyderabad, Minister Talasani Says Will Rebuild Goshamahal Nala

HYDERABAD: Customers and vendors were stunned at the weekly Friday street market in Chaknawadi when part of the Nala (drainage system) collapsed on a man in the busy Goshamahal area of ​​Hyderabad.

The road above the nala collapsed 15 meters and many vehicles, mainly auto-rickshaws, cars and two-wheelers partially fell into the big crack in the road. As reported, three people suffered minor injuries and the vehicles that fell inside were damaged.

The cause of the road collapse has not yet been determined. However, it seemed as if the section of road laid over the drainage line could not support the excessive weight caused by the heavy traffic of vehicles and people. The police arrived to inspect and rescue the work done by the Disaster Relief Forces and the GHMC officials started clearing the vehicles that had fallen into the cave. Vendors have also started cleaning the vegetables and fruits stored there for the market.

In the meantime, vehicle traffic has been suspended. As a safety measure, people living on the Nala line have been evacuated. The locals initially thought it was an earthquake and were in a state of panic for a short time. Local MLA and BJP leader T Raja Singh was present to inspect the rescue work and blamed the previous regime for not laying proper roads in the area. Meanwhile, Telangana minister Talasani Yadav who also went there said that there were illegal encroachments on both sides of the road and heavy items were being kept there. eliminating illegal attacks, he stated.

This isn’t the first time the Twin Cities have experienced cave-ins. The roads in Tank Bund and other places have sunk and this is happening over the drainage streams of the City.

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