Rocking Star Yash asks the Kannada audience to not disrespect Bollywood after seeing the success of ‘KGF’ and ‘Kantara’ | Kannada Movie News

This year Bollywood has witnessed boycott campaigns that flatter Bollywood films at the box office very badly and at the same time South films have had huge openings from Bollywood markets leaving the industry shell very shocked. This year it was all about the North-South divide in the media about how South films were hugely successful in the Hindi markets. Films like ‘Pushpa’, ‘RRR’, ‘KGF Chapter 2’ and ‘Kantara’ made a big impact in the Hindi markets by bringing audiences closer to the Housefull shows, which was not the case for big budget and star-studded Bollywood films. Yash, who is now a popular star across the country, has urged the people of Karnataka not to leave any other film industry after tasting success.

In his latest interaction, Yash was proud to admit that the ‘KGF’ franchise has put the Kannada film industry on the map. Turning the Indian cinema and the whole world towards the industry, but his dream and vision was to see all Kannada film directors and actors become Indian stars and want people to respect no one.

This statement of Yash comes after experiencing and facing how his friends took down the Kannada industry when Yash was in the early years of the industry. Hence, now Yash feels that it is not right to disrespect Bollywood after seeing Kannada or other South movies doing great all over the country. Yash says this is just a phase and things change.

Yash also had a good tip instead of fighting about which industry is great. According to him, good films should be made, good infrastructure should be built, good theaters should be built and the necessary rights should be requested from the Government for the film industry. Then the world will really appreciate it and say “India has arrived”.

In the same interaction, on the other side, Yash has taken a hilarious leap to the people who are giving interviews now talking about Yash’s struggle days and taking credit saying that Yash was given food or shelter during his struggle days. Yash couldn’t take it anymore and spoke to the concerned people to stop them from talking nonsense, for helping his fans in the dire days that left them feeling torn apart.

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