Russia’s war on Ukraine latest news: Zelenskiy visits frontline troops

President Vladimir Putin admitted that there were conditions in Russia’s areas of Ukraine

“Extremely difficult” and Ukraine’s leader showed Russia’s war gallantry by visiting the shattered front-line town that has long defied capture by Moscow.

CONFLICT * President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy paid a

A surprise visit to the frontline city of Bakhmut, where he praised the “superhuman” troops fighting in what has come to symbolize the horrific brutality of the war in Ukraine.

* Speaking ahead of Tuesday’s Day of the Security Services, which is widely celebrated in Russia, Putin ordered the strengthening of Russia’s borders as Moscow tries to regain momentum in the war against Ukraine. * Kyiv region’s power supply was at a “critical” level, with less than half of the capital’s energy needs supplied due to Russian missile and drone strikes, regional officials said.

* Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said Ukraine needed to prepare for new Russian attacks on its energy grid, as Moscow wanted Ukrainians to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in darkness. * Russia attacked Ukrainian oil and gas facilities in eastern Ukraine overnight, causing a fire but no casualties, Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz said.

* Reuters could not independently verify reports from the battlefield. DIPLOMACY AND REACTION

* There are conflicting views in Russia on whether to launch a renewed offensive in Ukraine, a senior US State Department official said, reiterating that Washington will continue to protect Kiev regardless of the scenario. * Russia plans to give Iran

advanced military components in exchange for hundreds of drones, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said, calling on the West to do more to expose the trade.

* The EU’s foreign policy chief told Iran’s foreign minister that Tehran should immediately end military aid to Russia and internal repression of Iran, reflecting worsening relations as diplomacy to revive the nuclear deal remains stalled. (Compiled by Nick Macfie and Mark Heinrich)

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