Santa Claus Leaves For Annual World Tour From Finland

Santa Claus has embarked on his annual world tour to spread joy and distribute Christmas presents around the world. The official headquarters of Santa Claus is in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi in the Lapland region, which is located on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

Finland gave Santa Claus a permanent home in 1986. The residence, which includes a factory and a radio station, was built in memory of former US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

A Canadian and American defense agency, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), has been tracking Santa’s annual journey since 1955 in a sleigh powered by reindeer. An interactive 3-D website allows users to discover the cities Santa Claus visits during his journey.

When starting his journey from Finland, Santa Claus, in a video, said: “The darkest moment of winter has already passed, and it’s finally time to take a long and pleasant trip around the world. The magic of Christmas makes this trip possible, and all of you here make the magic of Christmas possible. Because when people have happy and joyful thoughts, the magic of Christmas is born.’

Santa Claus said that he has met people from all over the world and received many letters this year. He added that the letters reflect their desire to calm the world. “Children and adults mean it. My wish is also to turn the year of storms into a better and more peaceful direction together with Christmas”.

NORAD recently stated that Santa’s journey would not be affected by COVID-19 or the bomb cyclone that has hit North America. The agency plans to employ about 1,500 volunteers to answer phone calls from children asking about Santa’s location, according to the AP.

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