Sarayu: ’18 Pages’ changed my image

Sarayu is known for its shows aimed at adults. He appeared in several YouTube shows as a sex counselor. Sarayu was the key character in the recently released ’18 Pages’, and Nikhil played Siddhartha’s friend Bhagi.

Sarayu says the film helped her gain confidence as an actor. After his release, the industry’s perception of him changed.

“Baaghi is a very well-liked character. Calls are coming in from friends, family and others. My YouTube video led to this opportunity. When I got a call from a big production company like Geetha Arts, I couldn’t believe it. Then I went to the audition and they chose me,” he explained.

“Working with Nikhil was a wonderful experience; Making videos for YouTube is not making a movie. If I ever felt nervous on set, he was always there to tell me I was a good actor,” said Sarayu.

People see him differently as an actor, so he’s more excited. “Before 18 pages, people thought I was a YouTuber. I used to do adult comedy, but seeing Sarayu in so many different shades took everyone by surprise. I think I have surprised everyone with a decent comedy in 18 pages,” he said.

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