SBI staff on war path over new marketing directive in Kerala

The State Bank Staff Union (SBSU) has risen against a directive of the SBI Kerala Circle.

Philip Koshy, general secretary of SBSU (Kerala Circle) said the union will oppose the bank’s move to form a multipurpose sales force by shifting employees from transaction-based to marketing-based activities.

He holds protest marches

Thousands of SBSU members took out protest marches in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kozhikode on Tuesday.

Koshy said employees identified for marketing-based activity are being sought to be immediately removed from their regular duties. They will only be allowed to do what is requested in the list of daily activities. Management is particularly adamant that they will not be disclosed for any transactional business purposes. Some officers are also being roped in for this, which, Koshy says, will affect the normal functioning of the State bank.

“Hard working conditions”

“The ill-directed move will only exacerbate the harsh working conditions of workers who are already facing pressure from shortages and network breakdowns. A few customers had to be turned away as staff were not available to contact them during peak hours,” Koshy said.

These include new hires for offices and organizations, as well as students seeking to fill out various scholarship applications.

Customers who want to transact ordinary deposit / credit related business will find it difficult as they are used to being handled by experienced staff who are mostly members of SBSU, he added.

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