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BENGALURU: Public transport may be instrumental in solving many of Bengaluru’s mobility-related problems, but the authorities seem to be turning a blind eye to the plight of bus riders, the backbone of the public transport system.
STOI visited various areas of the city and found several places that still do not have bus shelters, while others are dilapidated due to poor maintenance. In HSR Layout on 27th Main, for example, bus shelters are used for parking vehicles, for parking vehicles that do not have buses running.
Kumar Swamy, who has been running a small shop for the past four years, said he has not seen any buses stopping here, while resident Hajari Prasad said, “Some people come together and spend time there.”
There are no designated bus stops. Many stop at a distance where passengers have to climb up to run, as there are no bus shelters.
In the monsoon, the water stagnates and speeding vehicles splash muddy water on waiting commuters, according to Pratibha Pradhan, who uses the bus service from Meenakshi Temple to Dairy Circle to her college every day.
Vijayanagar also suffers from lack of bus stand. The temporary shelter made of sticks and sheets is all people, thanks to the construction of the Metro. “Since there is no alternative, we have learned to live with the difficulty,” said resident Karthik H.
In Malleswaram, Rakesh R, a student, said, “We are used to not having a bus shelter. It would be nice to have a proper rest area. But now we are forced to stop on the busy road, which can also be dangerous. .”
Harsha J, another student of the college, said that the situation has been the same for at least three years now. “If it rains, we seek shelter under the nearest tree. We really have no other choice.”
The bus stand at Hosakerehalli near Gupta College has no shelter, and daily commuters – going from Hosakerehalli to Nayandahalli and other places – are stranded under the scorching sun.
“There is no proper record of BBMP for demolishing the bus stand. We have filed complaints for the last one year but no action has been taken by BBMP. We have also filed a complaint at Girinagar police station,” Girish Kumar V said. , a social worker from Hosakerehalli.
– Joel Glan Mendonca, Anina Jacob, Elizabeth Rani M, Shiva Ganesh P & P Shivani

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