Several Feared Dead in Halloween Party in South Korea’s Seoul

Seoul: Halloween festivities turned tragic for South Korea on Saturday, with 151 people killed, 82 injured and about 50 people in cardiac arrest in a stampede in the capital Seoul, officials said. The death toll is likely to rise.

The Halloween parties were held in a narrow, crowded street and as the large crowd moved forward several people fell and were trampled by the partygoers. The horrific incident took place near the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon town. Local reports say the narrow street leading to the Hamilton Hotel was crowded as people reported an unidentified celebrity visiting the hotel for a Halloween party.

After receiving the information, emergency teams went to the scene and medical personnel began to provide CPR to the people who collapsed due to cardiac arrest.

According to Choi Cheon-si, an official of the National Fire Agency, about 100 people were reported injured in the stampede. He said that around 400 emergency personnel and 140 vehicles have been attending to the victims of the emergency.

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