SFI Wins in Pathanamthitta Catholicate Too; Union Gets Its First Woman Chairperson | Kerala | Deshabhimani

Pathanamthitta : SFI’s dominance is complete in Pathanamthitta after a resounding win at Catholicate College. SFI won all the seats in the university Union elections and for the first time in the history of the campus has a woman president. SP Sariga is the new president. Aisha Shahjuddin is the Vice President and Jesli T Joseph is the General Secretary.

KS Sharan was elected as Secretary of Arts Club, Adityan as Editor of SCHU Magazine and K Shadia and Deepdas were elected as Councilors of the University Union. It is an SFI with women representatives. SFI won four of the five class representatives.

Voting started on Thursday morning until the evening. When the results began to be announced at 7:00 pm, the campus echoed with slogans and chants of martyrs’ names. District Secretary Adv. Amal Abraham laid flowers for the victorious leaders of SFI. Afterwards, a demonstration went to Marti’s CV Jose’ chapel where flower offerings were made. Later, Amal Abraham inaugurated the meeting at Gandhi Square. The district president was Shaiju Angadikal.

District Vice President Sachin Sajeev, District Joint Secretaries Ajmal Siraj, KR Ranju, Ashish Omallur and District Secretariat members Anandu Madhu were present on the occasion. . SFI Pathanamthitta Area Committee member Mithun M Kesh gave the welcome address, while the new president of Catholicate College SP Sariga gave the vote of thanks.

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