Shalini was once attached to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security, today she is a constable in the Tamil Nadu Police

Shalini was practicing cadres. At this point, his luck hit hard. Some SPG agents saw him and asked him to appear for some physical tests and examinations.

Call it fate or change of times. probably V Shalini You will never forget those days. P-90 machine gun in hand, safari outfit uniform, dark glasses on eyes and wireless system in ears. It was a different world. Walking together for the safety of the Prime Minister when he goes somewhere. But now all these have become memories. Although he still continues to fulfill his duties in the same way. Although there is regret in the mind.

36-year-old V Shalini of the 10th Battalion of the Tamil Nadu Special Police today Chief Constable Eh He has a stick as a weapon. But a few years ago he was armed with a P-90 sub-machine gun and featured in Prime Minister Modi’s Close Protection Team (CPT). It is under the Special Protection Group (SPG). Shalini was part of CPT 2 PM between 2015 and 2018. His training was done like a commando. She was known as a glamorous female officer.

Shalini was inaugurated in 2005

Raised in poverty, Shalini joined the Tamil Nadu Special Police in 2005 as a constable. But he didn’t stop learning. He was still surrounded by the shadow of the book. Later, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. In a TOI report, Shalini said that in 2008, while working as a computer operator at the Police College, she was appointed as a parade instructor at the newly formed Tamil Nadu Police Academy.

SPG caught his eye during training

He was training the squad. At the same time his fate struck. At that point some SPG agents saw him and asked him to appear for some physical tests and examinations. He further said that in 2013 my Bhaktan Chief Inspector took me to TNPA SP Nagarajan and informed me that I was selected in SPG. I landed in Delhi and checked again. Because I was entering two years after the end of the selection process.

The first delivery was to Sonia’s house.

After that, after four months of rigorous training with 35 men, Sonia Gandhi’s house was her first stop. In late 2014, his seniors said they would recruit people to join the CPT for PM Modi’s security. Shalini expressed this desire. The superiors explained a lot to him and said that it is a very difficult responsibility. But he said he would. Then selected from CPT. After five months of rigorous training, he joined the Elite CPT.

Proud moment to talk to PM Modi

When Prime Minister Modi met Prime Minister’s security guard Shalini he asked about her. Shalini said then that “in my initial meeting with the Prime Minister I introduced myself as Shalini of the Tamil Nadu Police… It was a proud moment for me.” An online media outlet said that he had to leave the force in 2018 to take care of his mother in Tamil Nadu. He said: “Some senior officers did not want me to go. They called me the Iron Lady. But I had no other choice and I returned to my original unit.

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