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New Delhi: The date is over, and Shark Tank India, Season 2 will hit our TV screens on January 2, 2022. Many still remember the excitement and meme fest created by the first season.

Sharks were always vocal about their opinions, and made it clear whether they loved an idea or didn’t see potential in it. Often, there were difficult relations with the activists and the Sharks did not say a word to give the final verdict.

Ashneer Grover, one of the sharks had such a fierce reputation that he was the most feared shark. But others also had their moments. Here are some of the sharpest remarks the Sharks made in the first season that fed the gossip mills for a long time.

Shakaal – You remind me of Ashneer Grover
For the uninitiated, Shakaal was a 70s Hindi film villain who had sharks in his glittering abode and fed on his enemies. Drawing parallels, Ashneer noted how one of the contestants, Sanandan Sudhir, who was bald, also reminded him of the bald villain. The Sharks joked that Sanandan also tried to feed the Shark Tank India Sharks and get the necessary funding in a valuation, which was not justified. However, Sanandan, the inventor of On2Cook, the fastest cooking device that saves 70% of cooking time and 50% of energy by combining microwave and induction/flame cooking, has recently secured seed funding at the same valuation of Rs 100 crore. Although they seemed disinterested and disinterested, the product, suitable for both domestic and commercial kitchens, has performed quite well and was a huge hit at the Gulf Host 2022 event in Dubai.

‘Tum Khatam hone Wale ho, teen deegriyan waste ki hain’ – Ashneer Grover
The Sharks were dismayed when they heard about the stock split in the company founded by Falhari, Gulshan Sharma, Rahul Shankar Bhardwaj, Shantanu Singh. One of the founders had 75% and the other only 1.5%. Surprised to learn of the situation, the check-ready sharks returned their bids. Gulshan was featured in Forbes under 30, Asia for its innovative services: Falhari, a startup that offers fresh fruit boxes, cold-pressed juice and yogurt, customized to the user’s nutritional needs and delivered in 45 minutes. Despite being an award-winning product, the Sharks weren’t impressed. The trio were looking for Rs 60 lakh for 2% equity. Ashneer said a fruit stand outside the ITO will do better business. In his trademark style, he said it’s already a failed business and the three are wasting their titles.

‘This is a solution looking for a problem’ – Anupam
When Anupam shouted this about Rohit Warrier’s product – Sippline beira ka maska, all the Sharks agreed. Its product, a sterilized plastic ring creates a barrier between the lips and the glass, protecting you from all germs. The dramatic creator made an even more dramatic entrance when he took the stage and talked about dirty glasses carrying germs and bacteria. also lip marks in the worst cases. While Aman seemed interested in mockery, Ashneer blasted the creator saying that he wasted this opportunity when someone else could be standing here with his vision, and this platform should be respected.

“Business India mein hai but Italian hai price” – Aman
Niti Singhal, the founder of Twee in One, came up with the concept of designing sustainable products where one dress can be transformed into another, saving not only money but also space in your luggage. It’s also perfect for office-goers who dress up formally during the day and need to change for an out-of-office event or party. Dresses like these can change dramatically from look to look and you can be party ready in a minute. Other sharks showed their disinterest by citing previous studies where such products are not popular with users or they only like one aspect of the dress and use it. Namita and Vineeta shared the same thought about the combination of dresses being too sharp to like. Piyush found the numbers too low while Aman found the price a bit too high.

However, the facepalm moment happened on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ when Ashneer’s wife, Madhuri, appeared on the field in a Twee in One dress gifted to her by the creator.

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