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14 Jun, 2021 Prabu No Comments

The game looked really cool when I got it today because I needed some sort of fidget. First of all the premium is really stupid, 8 bucks a week for no ads and everything else, I would ask my dad but he will say no bc of the big overprice. Second, there are ads literally every 30 seconds, and you can’t choose what slime you want to play with in the free mode, you can touch it about 8 times then it says that you’ve unlocked the new slime (even though they’re all relatively identical) and then it launches you into a whole 30 second ad. Three, pretty gullible devs, they decided to put the ads for other slime games on there (maybe about 3) which I think is kind of dumb, because if I don’t want to pay for a 8 bucks per week premium I can just go to one of the other games. But once you get the premium it’s all fine. If the price was lowered to 4.99 I would give it a 5 star, but the price is just too expensive. Only reason I gave 2 stars was bc if you get the overpriced premium all your problems are gone. Even with a 3 day trial, it’s only 3 days, it’s just not worth it for 8 bucks a week. 2 stars, take it or leave it.

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