Snow, dangerously cold temps to overtake Casper today through early Friday

CASPER, Wyo. – Temperatures in Wyoming are poised to take a dive today, starting with a high of around 23 degrees this morning and a low of 24 degrees overnight.

According to the National Weather Service in Riverton, Casper’s current high of 23 degrees should hit around 8 a.m., then drop to about 14 degrees the rest of the day. Gusty winds gusting to 50 mph will bring a wind chill of 34 degrees during the day and a low of 50 degrees overnight.

“Dangerous cold winds can cause frostbite on the surface in as little as 10 minutes,” the NWS said. Natrona County is under a wind chill warning until Friday morning.

Up to three inches of snow is possible on Wednesday.

Thursday’s maximum is expected to be only minus 15 degrees, and the night minimum will be – 20 degrees. Wind chill values ​​will again be below -45 degrees.

The City of Casper said in a statement Tuesday that plows will work today, but deicing chemicals are only effective at about 14 degrees.

“So if the temperatures are as low as the forecast predicts, our streets could be very slick,” Street and Traffic Supervisor Shad Rodgers said in the release.

The Wyoming Rescue Mission said in a statement Tuesday that the facility should have enough capacity to handle increased demand from the homeless population during an Arctic blast. “On December 20, Tuesday, we had a total of 145 people under our care, with plenty of room for more,” they said.

Other areas of Wyoming can expect wind chills below 60 degrees, with flash freeze events and travel difficulties.

“Actual temperatures will range from -15F to -30F Thursday morning and will not exceed -5F to -15F all day Thursday,” the NWS said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “The vehicle may be difficult to start on Thursday afternoon, so plan accordingly.”

On Friday, temperatures are expected to rise, but the cold will continue. A high of around 18 degrees is expected with winds gusting to 20 mph. Saturday’s high will be around 31 degrees with gusty winds, and Christmas Day should see a high around 35 degrees with a slight chance of snow, the NWS said.

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