Spell Out Your Stand on Decentralisation, Sajjala’s Poser to TDP Chief Naidu

Amaravati: In a scathing attack on TDP President Chandrababu Naidu, YSRCP Principal Secretary and Adviser to Government (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy dared to clarify his stand as to why he is against decentralization and advocates Amaravati as the sole capital of the State.

Addressing the media at the party’s central office here on Saturday, Chandrababu Naidu strongly opposed the abusive rhetoric used during his tour of Kurnool district without any provocation and asked him to explain his stand on Kurnool as the judicial capital.

Decentralization is our policy and we can argue by showing proper reasons, he said, that Chandrababu has no basis to justify that administration and development should be concentrated in one region.
Abusing people, officials and police shows his level of frustration.

He accused the TDP president of trying to divert people’s attention from the issue of decentralization and spreading lies out of frustration, inciting other leaders to follow his footsteps and writing abusive remarks to his spokespersons and Pawan Kalyan as well.

The offensive rhetoric and body language displayed by Chandrababu Naidu does not befit his stature as a politician, Sajjala said, adding that earlier Pawan Kalyan had also shown his slippers.

Explain the reasons why you are opposing the idea of ​​establishing a judicial capital in Kurnool and the decentralization plans, he challenged, asserting that the policy of decentralization has a scientific basis.

Recalling the Sri Krishna Commission Report, which warned of the dangerous effects of centralization and the Sribagh Pact which aimed at decentralization for balanced development of all regions, Sajjala said the YSRCP Government is advocating the policy of decentralization as it firmly believes in the principles. natural justice and the development of all regions equally.

He confirmed that the government’s policy has a scientific basis, and asked Naidu to explain his position as to why he is against decentralization. He said that the residual state of Andhra Pradesh suffered a lot due to bifurcation and decentralization is the only solution to prevent secession movements in future.

The centralization of development and accumulation of wealth in one place leads to separatist agitations and hence the policy of decentralization is fully justified, he asserted.

Why can’t you explain the reasons that prompted you to advocate centralization, Sajjala asked Naidu. Because the farmers have just given their land to establish the Capital at the most inconvenient place and you have not got crores of rupees from your other plans, he asked, adding that the TDP leader cheated the farmers for his own selfish purposes.
Also, citing TDP’s irresponsibility as the reason for its defeat in the last elections, Sajjala said that the same fate awaits the party in the next elections as well.

Defending the search conducted by the registration department in chit fund companies, he said that the Government has the right to stop irregularities in financial companies. Saying that Naidu has no achievements to boast of during his tenure as the residual chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Naidu’s claim was fraudulent that he had brought in investments worth Rs. 16 lakh cores.

While Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is pushing ahead with his mature policies to bring transformation in the lives of all segments of people including farmers, Naidu dreams of Amaravati as the single capital.

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