Srirangam: Vaikunda Ekadasi Pakalpatu Utsava scenes that started with a bang! Pipa News

Srirangam: Vaikunda Ekadasi Pakalpatu Utsava scenes, started with a bang!

Srirangam’s Vaikunda Ekadasi festival began today with great fanfare. Thousands of Sami devotees visited.

The Vaikunda Ekadasi festival of Srirangam, popularly known as Bhuloka Vaikundam, will be celebrated for 20 days at Pakalpatu and Rappatu. In this, Pakalpatu Utsavam started today (23.12.2022) in the morning. Today, the first day of Pakalpath, Namperumal (Utsavar) will leave Moolasthan at 5.30 am and spend the whole day at Arjuna Mandapam giving a show to devotees.

Arjuna leaves the Mandapam at night and reaches Moolasthanam again. Thousands of devotees visited Namperumal on the first day of Pakalpatu Utsavam. The main event of the festival is the Paramappath Vaasal opening known as Vaikunda Ekadasi Heaven Vaasal Uvavu is held on the second day of January (02.01.2023).

Before that there will also be a departure from Namperuman Nachiyar Thirukolam on 01.01.2023. The Vaikunda Ekadasi festival ends on January 12 with Nammalwar Moksha.


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