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In the country, Malayalees are at the forefront in taking medicine. Kerala is also ahead in misuse of antibiotics. Pharmacies have been ordered not to sell medicines without a prescription from an authorized doctor. However, he can buy any medicine from medical shops. The government has sometimes warned against the misuse of medicines. It is said that strict action will be taken if scheduled drugs are sold without a prescription, but no action is taken.

After the Covid pandemic, the sale of all kinds of medicines, including antibiotics, has increased in the state. A large percentage of drugs sold in medical stores are sold without a prescription. They say the use of antibiotic drugs has increased by 20% after Covid.

The number of people seeking treatment by buying antibiotics on their own is increasing. Along with this, it has been noticed that the excessive use and misuse of medicines are creating problems. Doctors prescribe medicines according to each disease. Experts say that the tendency to buy and use drugs once given in this way is never permanent. Taking the prescribed medicine only for a certain day can cause problems if you use it for more days than expected and stop using it before the prescribed day arrives. The expert committee that has conducted a study on the use of antibiotics in the state will put strict measures in place to control this trend. The measures include suspending the licenses of pharmacies that sell antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription.

Lately, complaints are often heard that, despite taking antibiotics two or three times, the disease is not relieved. Most complaints come from people who self-medicate without consulting a doctor. Antibiotics being ineffective is not their fault, it may be due to misuse. The overuse of antibiotics suggests that some restrictions are necessary.

There is another reality behind people who buy medicines without a prescription. It is true that our state has reached the highest level in the country in the field of health. Let’s not forget that the number of people suffering without treatment is not small. Overcrowding in government hospitals often alienates the middle class. These people depend on private hospitals. The condition is that a large amount is also needed to treat the fever. There are quite a few people who go to the drug store with the old prescription and buy the medicine and try to cure the disease. Illnesses and treatments are becoming a huge burden for fixed income workers. The only way to do this is to improve the government’s treatment facilities as much as possible. OP hours should be increased in hospitals and facilities should be done in the evening as well. If more treatment centers can be opened under local organizations, many people will benefit. Along with preventing drug use, people need to be able to provide affordable emergency services. If the services of doctors are easily accessible, many people will not rush to medical stores with old prescriptions.

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