Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board Rescues 101 Pets From Yashuva Animal Trust

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board, police, NGOs and animal activists rescued 101 pets from an animal shelter called “Yashuva Animal Trust” on Sunday. The animals were rescued after they were reported to be malnourished and without food or water for long periods of time. Some of the animals in the shelter were also found dead.

A press release from Heaven For Animals said, “On 18th December 2022, 101 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens were rescued from a popular Animal Shelter called “Yashuva Animal Trust” at Dharkast Road, Ettiyapuram, Tambaram West Chennai-44.

“All the animals were malnourished, confined for a long time and without food and water. When the Animal Welfare Organization team and officials arrived, they found some animals dead,” he said.

The statement also said, “None of the cages had water or food and were covered in their own urine and faeces. The animals were rescued based on a complaint by Prakash of HFA, an NGO, after receiving several complaints from the public to HFA and TNAWB.”

The rescue operation was assisted by T11 Somangalam Police Station and Tamils Nadu Animal Welfare Committee. Based on the complaint by Prakash of HFA, the police registered an FIR under sections 11, 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code.

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BMAD, MARS, People for Animals, Hope for Kritters, Dinesh Baba’s ROA, LARA, Animal Care Trust and other activists came together to rescue the Animals.

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Last year, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian said fifty-six stray dogs died on the IIT-Madras campus. Old age and disease were the cause of death and the dogs were eight to ten years old.

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